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The latest information on UK Sanctions and Embargoes is to be found at:

DDTC have recently published a set of FAQs clarifying the treatment of ‘defense services’ under the ITAR. Further information can be found on the US DDTC website at:

Information Release by HMG on Extant Licences for Saudi Arabia and the UAE >>

Information Release by HMG on Extant Licences for Saudi Arabia and the UAE

It has been brought to our attention that the Government has provided to the Committee on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) a consolidated listing of all extant export licences that have been issued for Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and that this list has been published. This list is attached, and has been published at:

Whilst there has been some redaction, the released information goes MUCH further than the information which is normally published in the UK Government’s Annual and Quarterly Strategic Export Controls Reports (

If any Member Companies wish to discuss this information release, they can contact:

The British Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) has published its new sector-specific fact sheet for importers and exporters. This guidance includes:

  • the difference between trade and financial sanctions;
  • how to find out who is subject to financial sanctions;
  • when to apply for an OFSI licence as well as an export control licence; and
  • what to do if you suspect a breach.
A copy of this guidance is to be found at:


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24 August 2017

Ministry of Defence Form 680 guidance – GOV.UK (


MOD Form 680 procedure guidance

MOD Form 680 quick guide

UK MOD has set a mandatory requirement for the control of the release by industry of equipment or information with a classification of OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE or above, including in their marketing campaigns to foreign end-users (this includes UK material classified RESTRICTED or above, graded prior to April 2014, and internationally security classified material). Control of release is therefore conducted through the MOD Form 680 application process.

All UK companies must obtain MOD Form 680 approval in order to release information or equipment classified OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and above to foreign entities. This includes internationally security classified material being released from the UK to foreign entities. Approval is also required for some material classified OFFICIAL, but only where the information or equipment connected with the release holds a higher classification. If both the equipment and information is classified OFFICIAL a MOD Form 680 is not required.

Under the terms and conditions of certain Open General Export Licenses (OGELs) published by the Department for International Trade, an MOD Form 680 must be in place prior to any export under the licence concerned.

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