Export Group for Aerospace, Defence & Dual-use (EGADD)

What is EGADD?

The Export Group for Aerospace, Defence & Dual-Use (EGADD) is a not-for-profit-making special interest industry group, founded in September 2004, focusing exclusively on all aspects of export and trade control matters. EGADD is the only dedicated national industrial body in the UK dealing exclusively with export control issues. EGADD operates under the joint auspices of ADS, British Marine, the British Naval Equipment Association (BNEA), the Society of Maritime Industries (SMI), and TechUK.

What is the purpose of the Group?

Services provided include:

  • Reliable information concerning export control issues;
  • A forum for discussion and education;
  • Sharing of information and experiences;
  • Lobbying Government for and on behalf of the Membership.

EGADD has established the following Sub-Committees:

  • Awareness Outreach Activities
  • US Export Control Compliance
  • Training Subcommittee

This dedicated website has been created at the request of the group’s Executive Committee and with guidance from its Awareness Outreach Activities Sub-Committee. It is intended that this site will become the first port of call for companies as the source of user-friendly basic, initial guidance on all aspects of export and trade controls. Created by like-minded people to help compliance staff within companies. It seeks to identify potential sources of help, and ideas for problem solving, and presents easy steps to “bite-sized compliance”. The website has been kept simple, and, in addition to providing information on EGADD itself, seeks to present a practical and simple step-by-step guide on understanding export and trade controls, and addressing the fundamental questions which companies ask: when do I need an export licence and how do I go about trying to obtain and use one?

EGADD has created, with Cranfield University, a series of accredited training courses in export control compliance, running from very basic awareness (appropriate for all company staff) up to a Master’s equivalent course (for senior export control compliance managers within companies). Further details on this series of courses are available at: http://www.strategicexportcontrols.org/. It has also worked with the US-based training course provider Content Enablers (https://www.contentenablers.com/site/) to develop some additional, complementary on-line training courses, the details of which can be found at: https://egadd.tradecompliance.courses/courses

For further details, contact: Brinley.Salzmann@adsgroup.org.uk