Webinar: The Proposed US Export Control Rule Changes in the FY24 National Defense Authorization Act

Members are reminded that EGADD is organising this FREE-TO-ATTEND webinar which is focused on the latest developments that have been emerging from Washington DC regarding potentially significant proposed US export control rule changes. This webinar will be taking place from 15.00 (GMT) on Thursday 15th February 2024. The proposed changes are related to a number of major international initiatives, including:

  • The tri-national AUKUS security partnership, involving Australia, the UK and US;
  • Facilitation of joint multilateral work on nuclear-powered submarines;
  • Cooperation on advanced cyber mechanisms, artificial intelligence and autonomy, quantum technologies, undersea capabilities, hypersonic and counter-hypersonic, electronic warfare, innovation and information sharing;
  • For the successful delivery of a truly effective AUKUS, clearly the reduction of barriers that might inhibit and even prevent such joint multinational development and production work need to be identified and introduced, and one of the most significant of these is export controls.

This webinar will enable UK firms to learn about the latest developments related to the proposed rule changes and what these could mean for them.


15:00 (GMT) / 10:00 (EST) – Admin welcome – Claire Parsons(Senior Event Manager, ADS)

15:02 (GMT) / 10:02 (EST) – Welcome and Introduction – Spencer Chilvers (Head of Export Control Policy, Rolls-Royce, and Chair of EGADD)

15:05 (GMT) / 10:25 (EST) – The proposals that have come out of Washington DC – Graham Farnsworth (Counsel, UK Embassy in Washington DC)

15:25 (GMT) / 10:25 (EST) – Background to the current situation – Greg Mallitte (Assistant Head – UK-US & US Export Controls Policy, UK MoD)

15:40 (GMT) / 10:40 (EST) – The stance of the UK Government – Chris Chew (Head of Policy, Export Control Joint Unit)

15:50 (GMT) / 10:50 (EST) – Open Forum Q&A

16:30 (GMT) / 11:30 (EST) – Final remarks and Close – Spencer Chilvers (Head of Export Control Policy, Rolls-Royce, and Chair of EGADD)

This webinar will be a pivotal part of the consultations with Industry which were announced by the UK MoD at the ECJU’s Annual Symposium, on Wednesday 29th November 2023, and anyone interested or potentially impacted by the proposed changes is strongly encouraged to participate.

Further details and registration to attend are available at: https://www.adsgroup.org.uk/events/webinar-the-proposed-us-export-control-rule-changes-in-the-fy24-national-defense-authorization-act/.