EGADD TCCG Members Survey 2020

The Export Group for Aerospace, Defence & Dual-Use (EGADD) and techUK’s Trade & Customs Compliance Group (TCCG) are jointly conducting a survey to enable them to assess the scale of the problems (and lost business) which have and are being experienced by UK firms as a direct result of the current delays and “issues” with export licensing that have been being experienced since the 20th June 2019 Appeal Court ruling. This does NOT just relate to KSA, its allies in Yemen, and Turkey, but is seeking details of wider problems that have been experienced by UK exporters. This will then enable ADS and techUK to consider making effective representations to senior officials of the UK Government.

This survey will consider all aspects of the export/trade control licensing process. We are seeking feedback on companies’ practical experiences of dealing with the UK’s export and trade control licensing system over the past 8 months (ie in the period 20th June 2019 to 20th February 2020).

The intention would be to produce a consolidated summary report with any major generic, common issues or concerns being put to the ECJU for their response.

All supplied information will be treated in extreme confidence, and will be anonymised as far as practicable, unless companies specifically state that they are happy to be quoted.

This Survey seeks inputs from Members concerning their current experiences when working with the existing system.

Please answer all that are relevant to you. If they are not, just skip them.

Please provide in free-form text any additional and/or innovative ideas and suggestions you might wish to share with us.

Members are requested to download, complete and return the survey form by Friday 20th March to