CISTEC – On the Revision of Japan’s Application of Export Controls to the Republic of Korea and Compliance of Japan’s Security Export Control Systems with WTO Rules

The following explanatory document by Powerpoint is the latest one of Nov. 1, 2019, which has comprehensively reflected the recent situations as well.

◎On the Revision of Japan’s Application of Export Controls to the Republic of Korea and Compliance of Japan’s Security Export Control Systems with WTO Rules(November 1, 2019) – 

The points of this explanatory document of Nov. 1, 2019 are as follows.

This latest document summarizes the results of CISTEC’s review from the standpoint of “a non-governmental organization specializing in export controls” regarding the revision of Japan’s application of export controls measures to Republic of Korea(ROK).

CISTEC has been supporting ROK for nearly 20 years since their development of export control systems and organizations, and has been researching the ROK’s export control system operations and publishing guidance books on these for industries every year. Therefore, we are fully aware of the differences between Japan’s in export control system operations and ROK’s ones.

Based on the above-mentioned understanding and knowledge as a professional export control organization, CISTEC has understood not only the backgrounds and purposes of the measures taken by the Japanese government on exports to ROK but also the reasons why ROK has misunderstood it.

Although ROK insists Japan’s measures are political ones as retaliation against the “forced labor” issue, Japan’s measures are not such political ones at all but they are faithful measures to the basic requirements of export control to identify end-use and end-users, and to prevent items being used for purposes other than the authorized purpose or for unauthorized reexports or for export circumvention.

However, since ROK has misunderstood and frequently criticized it both in ROK and abroad, it seems that the above-mentioned facts have not been precisely understood outside of Japan.

As ROK has admitted recently, it has been clarified there is no “damage” from the measures taken by the government of Japan. It is fruitless for ROK to repeat criticism against Japan regarding the export control measures and continue the tense relationship between Japan and ROK in spite of the above-mentioned facts of no damage. It is also an unfortunate story for South Korea itself to such situations are causing negative domestic impacts.

This explanatory document was prepared in order to promote accurate understanding of the above-mentioned facts and normalize the relationship. We do hope this document would contribute to the correct understanding of all of the parties who have interests in these issues.

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Thank you again for your various cooperation and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Yasushi Tagami,
Deputy General Manager (International Affairs) of Research Department,
& Director of Center for International Cooperation on Security Export Control,
CISTEC (Center for Information on Security Trade Control)