Brexit Business Readiness Roadshow Events (see listing for dates and locations) / ADS Brexit webinar – 09 Oct 2019 – Webinar

The UK Government is currently in the midst of an extensive series of awareness-raising activities to help companies and other organisations to prepare for the practical implications of Brexit.

These activities include the final series of Brexit Business Readiness roadshow events (, amongst other events.

ADS is also assisting in this, and is having a FREE Brexit webinar for Members on Wednesday 9th October at 14.00 – 15.30, covering preparations for a No Deal Brexit related to customs and import/export procedures, featuring officials from HMRC and other government departments who will present the latest information on the end-to-end goods journey under a No Deal scenario and what businesses can do to prepare. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • How to ensure your business is registered so that you are able to comply with customs requirements
  • The processes and procedures businesses will need to implement to continue to import and export between the UK and EU
  • Advice on customs, duties and other requirements that you can use to help inform your business preparations
  • Steps you can take to help simplify customs processes

There will be an opportunity following the presentations for questions. Further details are available from

It will be vitally important for dual-use exporters to do the following, to continue to export legally after Brexit has taken place: